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In search of love

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CHAT Parul A. Mittal’s Arranged Love is a humorous take on love versus arranged marriage

Adding to the love debateParul Mittal
Adding to the love debateParul Mittal

Parul A. Mittal’s second book, Arranged Love , is about forbidden love and arranged marriage. Her first book, Heartbreaks & Dreams!: The Girls @ IIT, documented the lives of girls at IIT.

This one had her researching and talking to 200 people in her quest to find the solution to the quandary of love versus arranged marriage.

“I have not given any answers in the book because there is no one size that fits all. I am a strong believer in love. You get to know the person but in an arranged marriage you get to know the background. So, it’s an endless debate,” says Parul. Parul says humour and the Facebook connection are the USP of this novel.

“Travelling on the metro one day, I overheard two girls discussing ‘guy’ trouble. One told the other to keep posting on his Facebook wall till the problem was sorted out. This is exactly what I wanted to capture. Nothing is private now. Every relationship goes through ups and downs and it is all flashed in public,” she says.

The book’s protagonist Suhaani, in a long-distance relationship with her Indian-American boyfriend, suffers the online humiliation of a publicised break-up, against the backdrop of trying to figure out her own feelings towards her boss who accidentally happens to be a suitor of her parent’s choice.





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