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Chat A bartender who says alcohol doesn’t do much good to our body

Shaken or stirredAtilla in action- Photo: K. RAMESH BABU
Shaken or stirredAtilla in action- Photo: K. RAMESH BABU

Atilla Iskifoglu’s favourite drink is water, spring water to be precise. And when he is craving for a change he wants a drink that has lots of vitamins and minerals and is loaded with fresh fruits and juices. “I work out to stay fit. Because my kind of work also requires a lot of strength and stamina to juggle bottles and drinks. Working out can dehydrate, so I make sure I drink close to two-litres of water to keep myself hydrated. I stay away from alcohol because it is like a drug,” says Atilla.

No alcohol? Are you sure you are a bar tender? “Yes, there is nothing wrong in speaking the truth. Alcohol isn’t good to our bodies so I would like to ask people to drink within their limits. I mostly make sure I talk to my customers about the drinks they are ordering. Educating about drinks also and important and an integral part of my duty towards the job of a bar tender,” says Atilla.

Atilla, a performer and a bar hypnotist (that’s how he describes himself!), has won many laurels on international stage in various countries, likeUK, Australia, U.S., France and in Canada. He was in town at Tease in Vivanta by Taj. Besides all this, Atilla is also known for his special ‘hangover cure’ cocktail recipe. “A hangover is an obvious after affect of alcohol and many customers come back to the bar to get a cure of the previous evening’s drink. That’s when I make use of my bible on vitamins gifted to me by one the greatest bar tenders. The book is this fat (he gestures) and has the benefits of almost all vegetables and fruits and how they can act on us,” he explains.

Atilla, the mixologist that he is, says he studied the book extensively and made note of how different concoctions can break the bad affect of alcohol on our system.

Four times winner of   European Flair Championship title, Atilla has participated in more than 36 such competitions and has enthralled audiences with his brilliance and skills behind the bar. With an experience and knowledge from travelling across the globe and training more than a thousand budding bartenders, Atilla believes in creating a new breed of bartenders who’d be experts in both — flair bartending and mixology . Atilla takes credit for having served the biggest names from entertainment industry including John Travolta and Madonna.

Bar tending was a profession which Atlilla didn’t know about until he was out of his teens. As a teenager he would work in a local radio station making programmes for school children and when he was18 years old, he joined a local TV station and did shows on music. “During that time I was to interview one bar tender and that was my first brush with flair bar tending,” says Atilla who says he literally danced his way into a bar and then eventually into bar tending.

So does that make him a good dancer? “I still dance but behind the bar.





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