Writers traded views

A nswering such simple questions as ‘Why do I write, how do I write', a hoard of writers from the whole of India discussed and expressed their views and experiences in a recent writers' meet-cum-seminar organised by the Sahitya Academy. A highly informative event spread over two days the seminar featured distinguished writers who delved into the very basic though toughest questions concerning their art.

Mainly, the writers talked about how they began writing and what they chose to write about.

Most of them revealed they were not even aware they had the power of words in their hands. They just wrote to express themselves, without pre-meditated motives.

Dalit writer and social activist Lakshman Gwaikwad , said, “I never wanted to be a writer. I was a social activist fighting for the cause of de-notified nomadic tribes. I became a writer in course of time, to give voice to the pains which my community has seen.”

He cited a poignant example of how the world rushed when an Indian was racially abused in Australia, while not long back, a boy of class 12 was stoned to death for his caste/ tribal status.

A treat for students and lovers of literature and sociology, the seminar covered several aspects of the Indian writings.