Colour is back this festival season. You can experiment with shades to create a visual drama

The trend this season retains the focus on the eyes, but dares to go a step further with an equal emphasis on the lips. Dress up your eyes for a dark, smoky effect, but don’t restrict yourself to the usual black; experiment with vibrant colours as well. Pink is the new red this season, so outline and define your lips with a shade of your choice for a striking look. Leading make-up houses state their new looks for Autumn-Winter 2008-09.

Tuxedo and tones

The tuxedo inspires the masculine-feminine style; a combination of light and shadow. Keep your face subtle and highlighted for luminosity; eyes a deep, shaded black, and lips a shocking pink for contrast. The Yves Saint Laurent Collector Powder for the Complexion combines powder, blush and highlighter.

Illuminate the face by first applying a beige powder to lighten skin. Follow with an apricot blush to warm the complexion, and finish with a pearly pink shade applied to the cheekbones, arch below the eyebrows and the ridge of the nose and chin to create subtle reflections. Use the Collector Powder for the Eyes to outline them with a charcoal shade, and mix with metallic steel grey or lighten with champagne white to capture light.

Since colour is in, use rich shades such aslilac, aqua, green, gold, brown and pink for the eyes. Choose a colour, apply a dark shade close to the lash, and intensify by drawing out lighter shades. Finish with a highlighter and mascara.

* * *

Lips do the talking!

The lips are back in focus this season. Nude and subtle shades give way to pure, bold colour.

Use high definition shades of red, pink and orange to outline and highlight the contours of the lips. Apply a colour tint for a softer, natural glow. Clarins' new range Joli Rouge introduces a variety of shades and lipsticks to provide moisture and high colour definition for your lips.

* * *

The chic quotient

The look of the season is what fashion guru Dick Page terms the `chiaroscuro' effect: a dramatic interplay of soft colour, contrasting shadow and shimmering light. Keep skin soft and fresh, a perfect base to highlight the lips and eyes. Shiseido's Accentuating Color Stick can create an illuminating effect, drawing spotlight to the face. Define your eyes in rich, sumptuous pink tones. Use vivid colour for the lips as well, try the Automatic Lip Crayon shades for a glamourous appearance. For a warmer but equally striking look, use brown.

Create a luminous base for your eye shadow using the Color Stick, adding a gentle glow to the skin. Boldly colour the eyes in elegant tones of brown, blended together for a rich, diffused finish. Keep lips subtle, with a golden lip gloss. The look is dramatic and sexy.