How to pack right

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Irrespective of it being a domestic, international, short or long vacation, if you pack smartly, you will always be a happy traveller. Here are a few pointers compiled by Broken Compass.

Check list: Make a standard list of all the things you will need irrespective of where you are going and refer to it before any holiday. Once made, critically evaluate this checklist to see what can be eliminated or replaced with lightweight items. A couple of times through this list and you won’t even need to see it while packing again.

Carry the right bag: If you start with a bag that’s heavy, no matter how smartly you pack, you’ll always tip the scales over. So light is the key word. A lightweight suitcase with wheels is best if your vacation will require you to walk around with your luggage. Unless you are planning on roughing it out — then you’re better off with a backpack.

Packing light and right: Over packing can be confusing, stressful and most importantly, heavy on your wallet at check in counters. Spread out everything you think you ‘must’ carry with you, evaluate each item and ask yourself if you really need it. If in doubt, leave it out. Be more practical and less emotional. Don’t pack your entire bathroom. Depending on where you are staying, pack only what you can’t do without, in small, travel bottles instead of the original ones they came in.

Carry versatile clothes and shoes that will not only fit into any travel activity but also mix and match well with each other. A smart traveller always carries things that can be worn repeatedly, compliments other pieces and has many uses.

Weather: Check the weather of the place you are travelling to and pack accordingly.

Medicine: Always carry the basic medicines and any personal medicines you regularly take. If it’s something specific, ask your doctor for the alternative medicine in the country you are travelling to so you know what to buy if you have an SOS situation.

If you are travelling abroad, make sure you carry a ‘World Adaptor’. If you don’t have one, get one specific to the country you are travelling to. Not all hotels will be able to provide you with one.




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