A Kannada speciality that tastes good with hot rice

Cooking instructions

Choose vegetables such as okra, drumstick, bitter gourd, gooseberry and egg plant.

Raw mango can also be used but adjust the proportion of tamarind accordingly.

Fry the white sesame seeds in a dry kadai and set aside.

Pour a tsp of oil and fry 2 tsp of black gram, 1/3 tsp of fenugreek seeds, 5-6 red chillies, asafoetida, and 3 tbsp of coconut. Grind fine. Fry the vegetables in one tsp of oil and add about 1 tsp of tamarind paste with a little turmeric. Boil for a few minutes. Add ground paste. Boil till it thickens to a sauce-like consistency. Add a little jaggery if needed. Temper. Serve hot with rice, green vegetables and papad.

What you need

Vegetable of choice - 1/2 cup

Sesame) - 1 tsp

Black gram - 2 tsp

Fenugreek - 1/3 tsp

Red chillies – 5-6

Asafoetida -1 tsp

Coconut, grated - 3 tbsp

Tamarind paste - 1tsp

Turmeric - a pinch

Jaggery - as required

Oil - to fry

For the tempering

Oil - 1tsp

Mustard seeds -1 tsp

Bengal gram -1tsp

Curry leaves – a few