Alot of trainees aspiring to build great bodies blindly adopt the training routines of advanced champions. According to Stuart McRobert, expert trainer and author, any person who can train hard for more than four days a week and grow is genetically gifted, and has extraordinary recuperative ability. Training should be intense enough to stimulate growth, yet give the body enough rest between workouts to facilitate favourable response. Some persons may respond well training each body part once a week and some others, twice a week (a total of four days training with three rest days). For some trainees, training each muscle twice a week may be too much and training once, insufficient. Such persons may train their entire body in three different workouts, hitting each muscle on every fifth day. Train chest, shoulder and triceps on Day 1, legs and abs on Day 2 and take rest on Day 3. Then, train back, biceps and forearms on Day 4, and rest on Day 5. The cycle can be repeated.