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Vineeta Krishnan feels that the overloading of students in classes will have a detrimental effect on academics

Despite the growth of Bangalore from a sleepy town to an IT hub, we continue to lag in efforts to provide quality educational facilities for youngsters.

Most schoolsare overloading classes. Some schools have a teacher-student ratio as low as 1:55. This results in the teacher not being able to provide adequate attention to the students. As the students do not have the teachers’ attention when they have grasp basic concepts, the consequences are disastrous.

All parents cannot afford an expensive International school. With rising inflation and the economic downturn, meeting the standards of international schools has also become very difficult. Young children are have to shout to get themselves heard in a classroom full to bursting. A policy needs to be worked out to ensure that such a situation is corrected soon.

If the authorities take steps to correct this unhappy situation, in consultation with teachers and parents, maybe the ratio could be balanced to 1:35. The Education ministry and the management of various schools should also play a proactive role. Lowering the number of students in each class will prove productive and will be healthier option for the children.

In a 45-minute session, the teacher has to organise the children and cover the subject matter, thereby reducing the understanding and grasping capacity of that session a great deal.

Efforts must be undertaken to ensure that authorities act upon the revision of school timings and ensure that a healthy student teacher ratio is maintained to make learning and schooling experience a memorable one.

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