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‘Oomph’ factor Channel V’s VJ Pia
‘Oomph’ factor Channel V’s VJ Pia

Channel V’s VJ Pia gives an insight into Season 5 of the channel’s ‘Get Gorgeous’

She’s young, hot and happening, VJ Pia has heads turning when she enters a room.

The hostess of Channel V’s ‘Get Gorgeous,’ Pia says Season 5 of this show promises to be “sexier, naughtier, bitchier and will prove the meanest so far. And the tasks given to the contestants will be more challenging.”

A reality hunt for the hottest of India’s faces, Pia says: “This present lot of wannabe models are definitely arrogant and full of themselves. When asked where they see themselves five years from now, some of them replied that they picture themselves in my seat on the show. I mean, they are just contestants who have yet to make it. But, it’s good in a way; it shows that they are confident about who they are and that they know what they want in life. The attitude will help them survive in this industry.”

The participants come from all walks of life and hail from mostly Mumbai and Pune. “They may seem all saccharine sweet on the outside and especially to each other, but in reality, the competitive spirit is high and they are busy back biting. There are no ‘Miss Goody Two Shoes’ in the show. In fact I feel I’m the nicest of the lot. And people call me bitchy on the show,” says the hostess with an exasperated sigh.

Great potential

She goes on to say, “All the participants have potential and look good on camera that it’s so difficult to decide who the best is. This is the first time this has happened to me. Normally, I can tell who will be out or who will end up winning the crown,” says Pia who has been hosting the show for the last three seasons.

According to Pia, the show is looking for models who make heads turn. “They have to have the looks, the attitude, personality…, the whole package. Most importantly, they need to work hard and persistently if they want to make it into this industry,” says Pia who has the ‘oomph’ factor and the complete ‘package’ herself.

Free spirit

Asked if she has considered entering the show herself, and she laughs as she replies: “Most participants in this competition are so composed and poised. I can’t really picture myself like that; I’m a free spirit. Besides I enjoy my career right now and have made a mark for myself in the field. I don’t feel a need to do so. Also, I hold a Canadian passport and don’t want to lose it.”

Speaking on her hour-glass figure, she says giggling, “I’m a major foodie and enjoy spicy food. I love the food here especially the appams and prawns curry. I work out whenever I can. I try and catch the classes of Yasmin Haz, fitness expert and one of the jury members of the show. She also gives us (the crew) Pilates classes whenever she is free.

“I love her classes they are lots of fun and are a great workout for the abs. The way I have been eating on this trip, I had better work out, else I will be all round in the middle.”





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