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GLIMPSE OF LIFE: LIFE Socialite Pinky Reddy at her residence in Hyderabad PHOTOS: K. RAMESH BABU
GLIMPSE OF LIFE: LIFE Socialite Pinky Reddy at her residence in Hyderabad PHOTOS: K. RAMESH BABU


She wears Prada, sports Loius Vuitton bags and makes a style statement with her diamonds, but it's Pinky's humility that scores above all, finds out Prabalika M. Borah

At her house, the over 15 feet ajar brass door dwarfs you. The sound of marble stone cutting and marble polishing suggests that the place is being done up. Enter the door and through a see-through glass wall behind a flight of well polished wooden steps, one can see the sight of the pool amidst a well-manicured garden. A lady at the house ushers us into the drawing room. We plonk on cushy sofas and can't help appreciate the aesthetic sense, the choice of colours and the classy decor. Pinky Reddy joins us and apologises for the brief wait. Orders for freshly squeezed orange juice and settles for the chat.

We have seen her in dripping diamonds and rubies, but at home she's dressed in a simple blue cotton kurta and leggings. More famous by her nickname, Pinky aka Aparna Reddy – daughter of hot shot businessman and Member of Parliament T. Subbirami Reddy and daughter-in-law of industrialist G. V. K. Reddy – needs no elaborate introduction. A high-heeled socialite, every designer's darling patron and a gregarious host, Pinky Reddy is famous for her high-decibel parties. If Pinky Reddy is known for her high-flying lifestyle, she is also known for her down-to-earth nature.

At her newly constructed home (it is more than just a home), Pinky is attending to the tiniest detail. “This house is our dream. We have been planning for it since we were married, almost 21 years back. The house is still not complete. But I am not hurrying the people. Haste makes waste, so I want them to do a good job and leave no place for us to complain. In the meantime to escape the noise and the emptiness of the house I am mostly in Mumbai with my husband,” giggles Pinky.

When Pinky chats one can't help but look for socialite airs. Snooty she wasn't and her interaction with the staff at home was extremely cordial. And no, she is not always decked in rocks and rubies. On her left wrist she has many dhagas (scared threads) tied. She carefully arranges them as she talks.

Juggling roles

Pinky Reddy shuttles between Mumbai and Hyderabad as her husband Sanjay Reddy is at the helm of affairs of the Mumbai airport. But the lady has no complaints whatsoever. “I am getting the best of two worlds.” As we wander from one topic to the other she mentions how she misses her kids who are studying in London and Bangalore.

“My daughter is in London and son in Bangalore and I miss them like mad. I keep looking for excuses to chat with them and when I know its past lunch and dinner time I promptly call them to enquire if they had their lunch or dinner,” she informs. But do the children accuse her of being a control freak? “Till the time they are students they are our responsibility and I will never do anything to spoil them. Of course, children need to be pampered but that should be in moderation and not to the extent of losing control over them,” she explains.

It's not just her children; her husband too demands the same attention. And no matter where she is, nothing moves without her instructions even if it is a glass of lemonade for her husband whether in Mumbai or Minnesota. “He is a spoilt husband,” she laughs.

What about Pinky? Is she pampered? “I am my dad's laadli, my husband too is similar and even now I feel the relationship is still fresh. However, like all marriages we too had our share of ups and down. More ups luckily,” she gushes.

Pampered she was, but is Pinky a spendthrift? “No thankfully I am a balanced person, I buy what appeals to the eye and where spending makes sense. Now I might not have to worry about spending on anything but when we were growing-up our mother wouldn't pamper with money. She knew where we were spending each rupee. Getting one hundred rupees from her was not an easy task. My wardrobe is not all branded and I don't mind walking in a park or to a nearby mall,” she tells. She adds with a wink, “Just when I want to stop buying, my husband reminds me, ‘hey you haven't shopped for long'.”

An extremely religious person, she says, “Honour and respect Goddess Laxmi and she never leaves you.”

The jaan of all parties, when back in town from Mumbai or from a holiday, Pinky needs to meet friends and is ever ready to host get-togethers, “I love having friends over at home.”

However, there is another part to this socialite.

She can brush shoulders with Bollywood bigwigs, shop for the latest limited edition bags and shoes but at the end of the day it's the act of helping people in need that brings a smile on her face.

When she was president of 10k Run in Hyderabad, Pinky left no stone unturned to make it a hit and gather maximum participation by roping in the likes of Salman Khan. But she has a dream, “I would someday want to build a beautiful big place for the old and orphaned kids. I have recently done an awareness campaign urging parents to looks for signs of retina cancer in children. It is very unfortunate that children suffer from this silent killer disease and are still unaware.”




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