Following the sudden death of a student in an educational institution there is a renewed vigil and awareness among Maduraiites. Old tyres, flower pots, ornamental plants, tree holes, artificial containers and roof gutters are the common places where the dengue-causing mosquitoes breed. Any open water stagnant for seven or more number of days can facilitate mosquito breeding. People must be urged to keep their houses as well as their surroundings clean. Overhead tanks must be inspected regularly & sprayed with bactericide. Students and teachers should be made aware of dengue and the ways to prevent it. Fogging must be done regularly in school premises to destroy mosquitoes and their larvae. Educational institutions like schools must be instructed to focus on sanitation, safe drinking water and mosquito control measures in their campuses. Dengue-infected persons should be kept under special care. Awareness programmes and campaigns must be launched by the local government to educate people. Dengue can be prevented if people join hands to fight against it.