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Chat Robert Downey Junior talks about what went into the making of ‘Iron Man 3’

ACTION-PACKEDA still from the film
ACTION-PACKEDA still from the film

Robert Downey Junior, popular for his role in the Iron Man franchise is back in Iron Man 3 . He talks about the film and how it is to play the popular action hero.

Marvel’s Iron Man 3 comes five years after the first Iron Man film. Have you changed over the years in your approach to the character?

I am five years older now. Back in the day, all I cared about was do my arms look big, how’s the light, and am I charming and funny. This time I am thinking about the other characters and about incorporating a checklist of things that we always thought maybe we should do.

The movie has being directed by Shane Black. How does he bring about a difference to the film?

Earlier, Jon (Favreau) and I used to call Shane (Black) and ask him for advice and he would never take a penny for it. One time he asked for a piece of well-done salmon and some blueberries as payment. So we are a bunch of weirdos but we all have the same enthusiasm for the genre. Shane has been instrumental in shaping the action genre and bringing character into this sort of filmmaking. The good thing about this story is it’s dramatic and it’s deep and dark, but it also is quintessentially Shane Black.

Is the way Sir Ben Kingsley interprets things inspiring to you even though you are peers?

I think what is inspiring is when you motivate and push each other. Sir Ben came with a lot of strong ideas that were necessary and had to be implemented. In a way, this movie would not have worked at all if he hadn’t done what he did.

Guy Pearce who plays Killian, is going to remind people why he’s one of our great, national treasures — on loan from Australia, of course.

What does the Extremis storyline bring to Marvel’s Iron Man 3 ?

I remember re-reading some of the later Iron Man comics, there was this one called Extremis. We were shooting the first Iron Man then and I brought up the Extremis topic and everyone said it’s cool. While shooting Iron Man 2, I brought up Extremis again and again everyone agreed it was good and that was about it.

But Shane really latched on to the Extremis idea and thought about how we could bring it into play. So in Iron Man 3 , Extremis is what brings Maya and Killian into play.

Why was it important to bring Happy back?

Jon Favreau, is one of the most watchable and fantastic actors. I felt that his character Happy is central to the story. Apart from Rhodey, he is the closest guy to Tony.

I think he’ll probably wind up with some of the most touching and definitely the most entertaining moments in the story.

How was this shoot different from the other two Iron Man films?

We had a lot of night shoots during this movie. It has been a return to fun and goodwill. I think everyone just trusts themselves now. It’s like we’ve been doing this long enough to not be second-guessing ourselves. This time we kind of started at the edge and we’ve been falling into the chasm together.

What can audiences expect from this movie?

I can honestly say that they should expect to be continually surprised. I think in some ways this is the most emotionally satisfying and the most entertaining of the three. It’s fun.




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