Yasmine Claire and Jayaprakash Sathyamurthy believe in the quiet strength of cats – their ability to bounce back from trauma, and their eagerness to protect the people and animals in their lives. All they need is a little love to help them along.

The couple proudly recounts the story of a gorgeous ginger cat who came into their lives years ago when he was rescued by their friend Sujith. “The cat had been electrocuted by an unshielded transformer”, says JP who adds that the handsome feline (now named Fritz) had fallen after the shock and broken one leg badly. He’d also lost his fur that had burned off during the incident. JP believes that Sujith’s determination made the difference between life and death. Says JP – “Sujith took him to a clinic when he was in that terrible condition. Fritz just needed someone to believe in him”.

Fritz’s broken leg had to be amputated and with treatment, his fur grew back to reveal a glossy ginger coat. Today, Fritz rules Yasmine and JP’s household and plays father to the kittens they rescue. The 3-legged-hero grooms the baby animals, entertains them (by running after a scrunched up newspaper ball) and takes care of them until the young orphaned ones find adoptive homes. While Yasmine loves the sound of their purr and the fact that they share her pillow, JP’s favourite quality of theirs is their ability to sense his mood, curl up on his lap and comfort him when he’s in need of it. “You get what you give”, he says, and appeals to people to take the responsibility of adopting these wonderful beings seriously.

Yasmine and JP’s favourite rescue story is of their friends Geethanjali and Apu who adopted three rescued cats and took them along when they relocated to Germany. “They said they loved them and that there was no question of leaving without them”, says Yasmine. JP finds that cats make great pets in apartments and clarifies through personal experience that they can also be adopted as adults. “All my cats came to me as adults and have bonded with me”, he says.

As for Fritz, he’s come a long way from the incident with the transformer. Yasmine says with a laugh that there’s nothing she enjoys more than watching him race around the room with young kittens, swishing his tail and inviting them to catch it with their tiny paws. It’s now his turn to be the rescuer. (For further details, email to metropetpassion@gmail.com with your city and number)