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EVENT Barkha Tanvir performs her debut solo Odissi recital this week

Energy transforms itself in many ways. Kinetic, chemical, mechanical… whole chains of events that trigger other events. Barkha Tanvir too is discovering the transforming power of energy. But it’s not just her job at The Energy Research Institute (TERI). It’s her Odissi too. The youngster who once preferred the technical steps of her chosen dance form to telling stories through abhinaya, just because she felt too shy to emote, today finds herself more and more interested in abhinaya.

One would say she has discovered the art of communication in the nick of time, since now is when she prepares to take the stage for her solo debut. On stage with her will be musicians Sukant Kunda (vocal), Pradipta Kumar Maharana (pakhawaj/mardala), Saumya Joshi (flute) and Sanjiv Kundu (violin).

And Odissi, like other classical dance arts, is as much about the ornamental patterns and rhythmic footwork as conveying dramatic images. A disciple of noted Odissi exponent Anita Babu, Barkha admits cheerfully that earlier, whenever she performed alongside her classmates, even her mother, well known theatre director Kirti Jain, would suggest to her guru that Barkha be kept out of the abhinaya pieces!

It might seem strange that a child born to a theatre family (her grandfather, Natrang Pratishthan founder Nemi Chandra Jain and grandmother Rekha Jain were eminent names) shied away from the ‘acting’ part of dance. But then, isn’t art all about individual journeys?

(Barkha’s performance takes place at the India International Centre, June 5, at 6.30 p.m.)




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