HEALTH Lister Metropolis Laboratory organises a free programme on Oral Health Care

L ister Metropolis Laboratory (Division of Metropolis Healthcare Ltd.,) conducts a free Medical Education programme on Oral Health Care. The program is organised by Metropolis Healthcare Ltd, in association with The Chicago Center for Advance Dentistry, and revolves around ‘Oral Health — its effect on heart diseases, diabetes, respiratory illness and gastritis.' The seminar includes lectures by experts in the health care industry such as Nicholas Ambigioni - Clinical Director, CCAD (Periodontology ), Arvind Krishnamurthy, Consultant Surgical Oncologist, (Associate Professor, Surgical Oncology, Cancer Institute, Adyar), A. Srivatsa MBBS CCDE, fellowship in diabetes U.K, (Consultant diabetologist in Fortis Malar, St. Isabells hospital and Sri clinic.)