CHAT Trichologist Charu Narang talks about hair fall and why you should worry about it

Hair fall can depress people to a great extent, opines Dr. Charu Narang. Junk food, bad lifestyle and hormonal imbalance are some of the basic reasons for hair fall, she adds.

About hair loss at young age, Charu says that it’s all about hormonal imbalance. Further, she advises that anyone who is facing hair loss should come at the earliest for treatment as an early diagnosis can lead to better solutions.

She is associated with the Advanced Hair Studio, which offers hair replacement and regrowth facilities.

Explaining the process of transplantation, she says, “Hair is taken from the patient and implanted on the area required.” The best part about the whole affair is that the patient feels no pain or sensation while the process is going on, she adds. Because of this factor, more and more people suffering from hair loss are being attracted towards transplantation.

On the subject of affordability, she says, “The price that we charge here is within the reach of middle class.” Government hospitals should take the initiative to provide hair implant facilities so that people from lower economic strata can also get its benefit, she adds.