Entertainment Grilled corn, potatoes in their jackets, pasta, brownie and a funny play had tongues wagging at the supper theatre

It was a charming evening, something that will happen again and again, one hopes. “Be seated at 6.30 p.m” said Ranjana of That's Y On the Go and most people were there, sipping mint coolers and willing to be entertained.

On the Go and Coimbatore Art and Theatrical Society (CATS) decided to introduce a new flavour to town. It was supper theatre. The idea was to enjoy a short play followed by dinner.

At the rear of the restaurant, the decks had been cleared for action. Chairs against the walls, some comfortable sofas and even floor cushions announced that this was to be a cozy affair. It was. K.V. Siddhartha of CATS told the gathering about Supper Theatre. He said putting up big productions was expensive, time consuming and could be done only a couple of times in a year. But theatre people needed their fix more often, and this was a wonderful way to get their high, from short and sweet performances that were entertaining and informal.

For the supper bit of the performance, Ranjana, who has in the past organised poetry sessions at her restaurants, said she was delighted so many turned up. In fact, she said, from worrying about no one turning up, half way through the evening she was hopping it was not too tight a squeeze for the guests. She provided a delicious plated dinner after the performance.

Short and sweet

The play was called “He said & She said”. Written by American Alice Gerstenberg around the First World War, it was a drawing room comedy about the crazy consequences of gossip by an old woman.

Produced by CATS, directed by Siddhartha and stage managed by Pheroza Hataria, the actors were Ambujakshi Sankar, Shawn Nigli, Monisha Mathur and Chanda Khaturia. It was funny, breezy, well acted and just 25 minutes long.

Dinner was served as the guests mingled, and the evening drew to a close by 8.30 p.m. It was the perfect recipe for a mid-week dinner/entertainment.

The supper theatre is back for second helpings on March 28. Limited seats at Rs 300 per head. Tickets are available at That's Y On the Go and That's Y Food.

For reservations call: 0422- 4365117/8 & 4520116/7