Nat Geo takes adventure buffs on a trip to the wild

National Geographic channel has launched their adventure-reality show “Apollo Flight of the Hawkz”. The show brings to life the eccentric nature of a true adventurer.

Nat Geo has collaborated with Apollo Tyres to offer driving enthusiasts an opportunity to embark on an escapade across India — a unique and thrilling SUV off-roading experience.

Presented by the adventure-loving Nethra Raghuraman, the extreme driving adventure challenge is designed to test the physical ability and the mental agility of driving enthusiasts.

The seven-part series covers unknown routes along the Western Ghats with 12 participants comprising teams of two selected from across the country, competing to reach the final destination.

The teams are a combination of quick-thinking adventurers and driving enthusiasts who own a SUV vehicle.

The tasks involve tricky mind games to start the day, navigating with a tulip map on rough terrain, a treasure hunt to find the map to the next campsite, some deadly curves to test their manoeuvring skills and finally an extreme adventure dare at the end of an exhausting day, only to begin afresh the next day.

As part of the challenge, the participants cover 120 kms every day on tricky terrains, crack intelligent mind games, take up thrilling and never-seen-before adventure tasks like tight-rope walking across two cliffs 200 feet in the air, monkey crawl across a river, also zipline down a valley while shooting at a target 100 feet away and rappel down a 400 feet waterfall.

At the end of this seven-day-long driving adventure along the Western Ghats, the winning team gets to go on a fully-paid adventure trip for two to Masai Mara, South Africa. The show airs on Monday nights at 10 p.m. Nat Geo fans can watch the show on