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Succulent Negima Yakitori
Succulent Negima Yakitori

Make this traditional Japanese dish in just a few minutes

Yakitori means grilled bird in Japanese and is basically a type of grilled chicken.

It is pieces of chicken skewered usually over charcoal on a bamboo skewer.

Yakitori is prepared with different parts of the chicken, including the liver, skin etc.

But in India we generally use only chicken pieces, keeping local tastes in mind.

Negima yakitori is one of the most common forms of yakitori.

It’s a popular dish with working people in Japan. They enjoy it with a glass of sake at the end of a long day’s work.

The chicken pieces should be cut small, as big pieces don’t fry well. The white part of the leek tends to be thicker, so you can decide whether to use that or the green part.

It’s a simple dish to make and requires no fuss and little preparation.

Negima Yakitori


2 pieces chicken leg

(boneless with skin)

2 leeks

4 bamboo skewers

Salt and white pepper

for seasoning

2 wedges lemon


Cut chicken legs into 12 bite sized cubes.

Cut the leeks into eight one-inch pieces. Soak the skewers in water for half an hour to prevent them from burning.

Alternate chicken cubes with leeks on skewers.

There should be three chicken cubes and two leeks to a skewer.

Sprinkle salt and pepper before grilling.

Place the skewers on griller and alternately grill both the sides for five to seven minutes.

Serve each portion with a lemon wedge.





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