Cottage cheese: 120 gm

Olive oil and chilli sauce: 10 ml each

Garlic chopped: Five gm

Mixed herbs: One gm

Salt: To taste

Crushed black pepper and chopped ginger and coriander leaves: Two gm each

Black olives: 20 gm

Tomato chopped:25 gm

Honey: Two ml

Balsamic vinegar: One ml


Marinate the cottage cheese with olive oil, herb, and crushed black pepper and keep it side for 10 to 15 minutes.

Make salsa with chopped black olives and ginger, honey and Balsamic vinegar. Make the other salsa with chopped tomatoes and ginger, honey and Balsamic vinegar.

Heat a sauce pan with balsamic vinegar on slow flame to reduce till it becomes thick. Grill the cottage cheese on a hot plate.

Once it has been grilled fill the layer one by one with the tomato salsa and olive salsa. Place it on clean plate and serve with red chilli coriander sauce. Garnish with spring onion.