(For patty):

Chicken mince: 50 gm

Olive oil: Five ml

Chopped garlic and paprika powder: Three gms each

Salt: Two gms

Di-Jon mustard: One gm

(For salad):

Fresh lettuce: 100 gms

Chopped capers and Parmesan cheese: 10 gms each

Anchovy sauce: 0.5 gm

Worcestershire sauce: Two drops

Minced garlic and Salt: One gm each

Olive oil: Five ml

Mayonnaise sauce: 40 gms


Clean, wash and drain the lettuce (wash it in cold water).

Make a dressing out of capers, garlic, olive oil, parmesan cheese, Worcestershire sauce, anchovy sauce, salt, mayonnaise sauce.

Add all the ingredients together and mix it well and make flat patty out of it.

Grill the chicken patty on hot plate. Once cooked keep it aside.

Add the dressing with lettuce and mix it gently and transfer it to a plate. Place the grilled patty on top the salad and place balance salt on top. Garnish with cheese crispy and chives.