It’s yummy but not heavy on the tummy.

Grilled food is gaining popularity what with the availability of indoor grills, sometimes built into the stove top that help spur interest in the oldest form of cooking.

The charcoal grill is most loved because of the smoky or grilled flavour it gives to the food and there is no need of fancy OTG’s or a Convection micro-wave to cook these delicacies.

Ruchi, a housewife, shares an easy tip to make a grill with just an iron basin with red hot coals and an iron mesh on top to roast your marinated chicken or vegetables.

Men, especially, seem drawn to the allure of the open flame and love to don the chef’s cap and apron in front of a barbeque.

Neeraj, a self declared barbecue chef, offers a recipe for grilled pomfret.

Take the whole pomfret, wash and smear it with turmeric and salt to remove the fishy odour.

Make gashes on it with a sharp knife and marinate it in fresh mint and coriander chutney.

Keep aside for half an hour and grill it till done.

Garnish it with onion rings and lemon wedges and serve hot.