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Book The makers of the graphic novel series The Legends of Aveon 9 discuss their philosophy

T he Legends of Aveon 9: The Train to Vexadus , a new graphic novel by Rovolt Entertainment, is a futuristic story set in a distant planet. The geography of the planet, called Aveon 9, consists of the three competing kingdoms of Vexadus, Naugra and Chunargh, which lie to the east, north and west respectively.

Earth has been rendered uninhabitable by global warming, and humans are forced to migrate to Aveon 9. Upon landing there, humans find Eyars, a nearly extinct race of small, shape-shifting beings who become their closest allies. The peace-loving nature of the Eyars has been the most important factor in preventing the outbreak of war between the three kingdoms, but the patience of the Eyars is wearing thin.

Although the story could not be more remote in terms of the setting, the events and attitudes of characters seem remarkably familiar. The graphic novel is decidedly science fictional in its orientation, but the art, done by Abhishek Malsuni, and the epic, interplanetary conflict place it in the realm of the mythological.

Shamik Dasgupta, the writer, says apart from obvious influences like Star Wars, a major influence on Aveon 9 was Devaki Nandan Khatri’s novel Chandrakanta . A lot of the nomenclature used in this series reflects that influence. “The elements are the same, only the structures are different,” he explains. At Rovolt, Shamik is now working on the next few instalments of seven-part Aveon 9 series.

Interestingly, Rovolt is a portmanteau of Rho and Volt, the units for magnetic intensity and electric potential respectively. “We at Rovolt have a modern, scientific outlook, and want to come up with energetic stories, so we thought Rovlolt was apt,” says Manish Sinha, CEO, Rovolt Entertainment. The new stories that are conceptualised are expressed across the platforms of comics, animation and games.





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