In case you have been too busy to notice, Google Image Search has just added further options to make your search easy. With Image Sorting, Google search users will be able to sort images by various types. All they have to do is toggle the ‘sort by subject’ button on the section column on the left. For example, a search on images of dogs can be sorted into images of various breeds. Just check the official video of Google explaining the feature at

Android clawing ahead

Even though these are just the findings for the U.S., they could provide some answers on where the mobile OS war is headed. In the latest report of analytics company Comscore, Android has managed to make some gains in the smartphone segment.

According to the latest quarterly report, between January and March this year, Android has accounted for nearly 34 per cent of all smartphones sold in the U.S.

The Blackberry and the iPhone account for 27.1 and 25.5 per cent sales, respectively.

YouTube rentals

YouTube has launched movie rentals after striking a deal with major movie studios in Hollywood.

The over 3,000 movies in its catalog are currently available for rent only within the U.S. (Check if you want to just look at what is available.

It is a shame the service has not yet expanded to India because a few Indian movies are available for free as well.) But imagine the possibilities with the growing 3G networks.

If the networks deliver the speeds promised and if movie rentals over video streaming catch up, it may not be too far in the future, when you rent out a movie just about anytime you want and just watch them on your mobile phone screen.

Now here is another productivity killer managers will have to watch out for.