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Chat Rob Rees and Nitin Mathur discuss the benefits of healthy eating

Rob Rees with Chef NItin MathurPhoto: K. RAMESH BABU
Rob Rees with Chef NItin MathurPhoto: K. RAMESH BABU

Rob Rees is a few weeks old in the country and is a leading chef from The United Kingdom who's dedicated to creating a new and better food culture. Rob brought a few of the classic dishes to the country. And Rob isn't just a chef, his association with food and nutrition has made him a consultant, demonstrator, food columnist, writer and many more. Rob was at Taj Krishna to create an eating experience at a charity dinner.

He along with chef Nitin Mathur, discusses food vis-à-vis culture, climate and habit the end product is something for everyone to take home. The menu comprised of Savor Tartar of smoked Salmon with coriander biscuit, dressed leaves with Sherry and Watercress dressing, twice baked cheddar cheese souffle with a rich cream sauce, succulent duck leg confit with herb mash and red onion jam and red wine and honey glaze, summer pudding with lemon posset and hot stilton fritter. As Rob discusses and explains the reason for hand picking the dishes, chef Nitin exclaims, “Most of the food without salt.”

No salt? “It is healthy. We are allowed only one and half teaspoon a day and by the time we finish our breakfast we have had already consumed the permissible amount. Salt is available in various forms in the various food items we eat everyday. Salt is available in our cereals, butter and cheese. Adding salt to our food will only increase the sodium intake,” Rob explains.

What if the palate of the guests refuses to take food without salt? Nitin chips in, “he uses alternatives. He substitutes salt with ingredients that already has salt in it.”

Rob's idea of cooking and serving a dish is also not entirely about presentation. According to him too much of fiddling with the ingredients to present a ‘showy dish' spoils the natural flavours. Rob who also actively campaigns around issues on education, health, nutrition, food safety and consumer issues says food is the answer to many issues. He says that food can solve many issues and can prevent the World War III. “Food is such a topic that it can break the ice, can be the most interesting topic without leading to quarrels, helps each other improve knowledge,” he smiles. As a chef he recommends that we save our culture and we begin with the children. “The coolest and the in-thing to do right now everywhere around the world is to eat at home. It isn't just a healthy habit but also a very intelligent way to bond and teach children about our food culture and habits.”





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