Fish cubes -750 gm

Onion (slice)-100 gm

Green chilli (slit )-4

Kokum-5 gm

Salt-to taste

For the paste

Kashmiri red chilli(whole)- 20 gm

Coriander seeds-10 gm

Cumin seeds-3 gm

Turmeric powder-5 gm

Garlic-5 gm

Ginger-20 gm

Tarmarind-20 gm

Pepper corn-3 gm

Grated coconut-2

For garnish: Quarter of tomatoes.


Wash, clean make darnes on the fish. (A darne is a cut generally relating to round fish that is cut directly across at 90 degrees across the backbone that includes the meat at both sides of the fish.).

Peel, wash and slice onion. Wash and chop tomatoes. Wash, slit and deseed green chillies.

Peel and roughly chop garlic. Scrape, wash and roughly cut ginger. Deseed tamarind .Put these and the remaining ingredients in a blender, add water (approx half cup ) and make a fine paste.

In a handi or suitable vessel add paste along with water and add sliced onion and bring to boil. Add kokum.

Finally add the fish cubes and green chillies. Simmer for five minutes. Adjust the seasoning. Remove and serve with steamed rice.