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IS IT A NECESSITY? Your computer hardware should be beefy enough to handle Vista
IS IT A NECESSITY? Your computer hardware should be beefy enough to handle Vista

Do your homework before you upgrade your system with Microsoft's Windows Vista

Are you thinking of upgrading your home computer or laptop? And you have seen all the razzmatazz that accompanied the launch of Microsoft's Windows Vista in India. Are you thinking about plumping for what is being billed as the latest and the best offering around? Make an informed choice before you upgrade it.

The price

It had been said that the prices of the new operating system would range from about Rs. 7,600 for a basic version to Rs. 15,500 for the one with all the bells and whistles. In comparison, Windows XP starts retailing at around Rs. 3,500. Though an upgrade might be an issue of necessity for an enterprise user, it is still a big `if' whether a user such as you or I needs the upgrade. The crucial area of concern is use. What do we use our computers for? For a majority of us, the machine at home is usually reserved for sending an email, typing out a document, some instant messaging and music. Now what do you need for that? In fact, Windows 98 would be more than sufficient or rather you can stick to Windows XP for that.Security is the biggest selling point of Vista. But then again, what is the amount of security you need and what do you have that needs protection?The biggest expense of upgrading to Vista is not just purchasing it but also ensuring that your computer hardware is beefy enough to handle it. When the previous versions of Windows were launched, there were queues outside stores for the first copies but there has been a conspicuous absence of that this time. It might just be a pointer for things to come in the future. Just imagine if you had a system running Linux, which comes with a host of multimedia functions and you have Firefox, which is free, you could have all the basic office applications you need for just $50.





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