The secret of your well being

Herbs and Herbals! Every human being loves this world orrather believes in it. Perhaps these are the two magical words, with its enticing power, that has touched upon every sector and mainly cosmetics and health. Though the present trend seems to favour fast and junk food items, people desperately want to change and hop into the herbal arena.But in the world of hurried syndrome, do people have time to spare forcooking greens that involves plucking of leaves, cleaning and cooking mixing all the necessary ingredients. All this followed by the worst part — feeding hesitant children.Wondering how to fill your wards stomach with goodness of green? What about green or herbal soups peppered with other spices that are sure to enhance the taste and flavour of the green soups.


Here is a simple recipe for making soups that can be prepared just like that:Take a handful of green and add four tumblers of water. Add half-a-piece of tomato and salt to the water. Just fry pepper and cumin seeds in little oil. Take a piece of ginger and garlic. Powder all the four and add to the boiling water. Allow it to boil for 10 minutes. Ready to serve. If needed, add coriander leaves and `karuveppilalli.' The green has its nutrients, while garlic reduces cholesterol and increases haemoglobin level. Pepper has anti-viral property while ginger and cumin seeds take care of digestion.

OP centre

Still not able to prepare soups for yourself. Try it out at the Collectorate Siddha Out Patient Centre (DRDA Complex) that supplies free herbal soups daily. Thanks to the initiatives of S. Subramanian, doctor of Siddha.Children, women and adolescent girls suffer from anaemia for reasons best known to them. Hence to create awareness on the importance of greens and its uses Mr. Subramanian established the soup distribution on January 1, 2006. Now as many as 150 persons just drop in at the centre on all days, barring Sunday, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. just to have the free soups.Everyday, we take different varieties of greens that are grown at thebackyard of the hospital, he says and adds that routine soups will come again on a 15-day rotation.Why waste time, keep your coffee and tea at bay and give your taste buds a new plunge. Take soups otherwise you health will be in soup.S.S. KAVITHA