Art It takes a different shine

Veteran artists have a way of reinventing themselves and their creativity. You step into Kalakriti Art Gallery expecting the expected when you know artists like Surya Prakash, Chippa Sudhakar, and Rajeswara Rao are showing their works. But there is a surprise in store.

If Chippa Sudhakar explores the shiny texture of acrylics using at the same time, the texture of whorls and grains of wood, then Surya Prakash continues his pointillism journey into the woods and meadows of mind.

After a period when the shiny-shimmery texture often created by streetside poster painters was derided as artless exuberance, the art worlds seems to be embracing the kitschy quality of gloss.

Rajeswara Rao canvases best typify it as he uses the acrylic sheet’s gloss and blends it with acrylics for shiny works of art where the viewer can almost see his/her reflection.

In ‘Woh America’, Rajeswara Rao creates a metaphor for Indian imagination where he draws a cowboy with a revolver in one hand and a whip in another as a matriarchal figure sitting on a tiger gawps at him.

The other artists showing their works include Srinivas Reddy and Sisir Sahana.