A drastic change that has come over traditional marriages is that the bride and groom are no longer the needy couples they once were. Instead, many are established in their careers.

This sense of material plenty might be what’s driving the trend to contribute during a wedding, instead of merely consume.

Tying values with vows, socially conscious couples are discovering ways to incorporate charitable giving in their wedding celebrations, asking for donations to various worthwhile causes.

Realising this, Shaadi.com has tied-up with Give India to offer its members the chance to share this worthy initiative.

Shaadi.com encourages the concept of ‘Gift A Donation’ to the various NGOs listed with Give India. Shaadi.com members now have the option of asking the invitees for their wedding to gift them a donation via Give India.

Give India is a recognised platform for online donations in India.

Various NGOs lobbying for various causes are listed with the organisation, hence providing couples with a choice of causes to support.

Options to donate to Give India via Shaadi.com:

-Set aside a stipulated amount from your wedding budget to donate to a cause.

-Ask family and friends to ‘Gift A Donation’ as a wedding gift.

-Donate your wedding cash gift yourself to Give India.

-Through this alliance, Shaadi.com, will help couples make their wedding a more meaningful event.