What: Adrishta

When: November 26

Where: Ravindra Bharathi

S uddenly Hyderabadis are looking forward to winter evenings; nothing can keep them away from Ravindra Bharati where The Hindu Friday Review November Music Fest is being put up. On a cool Saturday evening (November 26), audience will have an opportunity to witness two stringed instrumentalists coming together for a concert that is both traditional and innovative. Violinist Ganesh Rajagopalan (of the renowned Ganesh-Kumaresh duo) from a Carnatic fold collaborates with Grammy award winning guitarist Debashish Bhattacharya from a Hindustani background to present a musical conversation between the slide guitar and the violin. Blending easy camarderie with rigorous rehearsed compositions, the duo offer the rare spectacle of two non-traditional Indian instruments spanning the spectrum of Indian classical music, mixing and matching ragas from both systems. Music lovers sure got lucky with the music, but only a few would be lucky to get tickets, so get there early to grab a seat.