Get in water for a new high

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Be a water baby Working out in water is less stressful
Be a water baby Working out in water is less stressful

KOMAL VIJAY SINGHgets adventuresome for a dose of fun and health at AQUA GYM

With the temperature shooting up to sultry heights, all I can think of is water. A little cajoling directed at husband dear, who’s the fittest fitness enthusiast of the family, plus visions of Aqua Gym at Leonia Holistic Resort for his consumption is all it takes for us to head that way.

Senior fitness instructor V. Sreehari of Leo Juventa promises to take us through this new workout and explains Aqua Gym tones the muscles and gives life to the heart and lungs. The water gymnastics are the same as those at ground level, but the slower rhythm in water makes the exercise more efficient. That provides a zero strain impact on the weight bearing joints or the back. The resistance of the water ensures that the exerciser does not work beyond his or her capability. The heart rate during an exercise in water is lower than an exercise on ground. It works on muscles that are rarely used on ground and have, therefore, lost tone.

With its excellent weight loss programming potential due to the higher energy requirement than similar ground-based exercises, we are hooked. It’s different, we squeal like a bunch of schoolkids, as we position ourselves. “The hydrostatic pressure will improve blood circulation and help decrease water retention. With no sweating, no danger of water dehydration,” grins Sreehari.

We proceed to do knee lifts, straight leg lifts, scissor movements and stomach exercises at the Abs Station. A session at the Aqua Rower working on all the major muscle groups of the body is enough for a whole body aerobic workout.

The activity tones and tightens all major muscles. A vigorous cardio-respiratory workout here and we are raring to try out other equipment.

I wade across to the Aqua Pulldown to focus work on the back and bicep muscles, a set of assisted dip bars for working on the chest and triceps muscles and a shoulder press for the shoulder muscles. I eye the Aqua Cycle that my husband is working on but one hour is already up.

So many more gleaming machines I haven’t sat on, I carp to Sreehari. He smiles, “The real equipment here is the water; the water resistance found in every movement is approximately 12 times bigger than the movement in the air.”

Apparently, I have already accomplished multiple exercises that would have been impossible on the ground. Water provides natural buoyancy and resistance and Aqua Gym uses these properties to maximise the muscle tone, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and resistance to stress. One water exercise in equal to ten ground exercises.

The high of working out in Aqua Gym comes at a steep price too. For an individual, it costs Rs. 500 per hour while a group of eight can have a session for Rs. 3500 an hour. Shortly, Aqua Gym is going to introduce induction classes. For beginners, there will be three 30-minute sessions per week, those at the intermediate stage will have three 45-minute sessions per week and for those at the advanced stage there will be three 90-minute sessions per week.

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