FOOD A new menu to choose from

Fusion 9 offers a new menu, which features starters such as the Thai fish cake, Tandoori jumbo prawns, Asian salad blueberry vinaigrette and a mille-feuille of methi chicken, ginger, mango and onion seed dressing. Vegetarians can choose from a range of options such as okra and polenta fritters. Choose from smoked chicken and apple salad drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette; halloumi cheese grilled melons chilli jam; Sichuan pepper glazed chicken breast; onion plum; horseradish chutney; Korean bulgogi marinated tenderloin on ratatouille of vegetables; champ kali mirchi; tomato and zucchini ragout on an onion risotto topped with parmesan touille; baked potato and herb ricotta tart; wok vegetables and coconut chilli cream.

Fusion 9 is located on the Second Floor, Aruna Centre, No. 144-145, Sterling Road,  Nungambakkam. For details, call 4266-4299.