In a continuation of Lego's partnership with Disney, the LEGO Group has launched all new LEGO sets and LEGO DUPLO sets inspired by Cars 2 , the sequel to the Disney/Pixar classic Cars. Disney fans can now rejoice replaying the stories from Cars 2 , in which the main character, race car Lightning McQueen and his friends get up to all sorts of high jinks that get their tires squealing.

With the new LEGO sets, crs fans aged above 6 years can plunge themselves in the world of the British superspies Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell along with Lightning McQueen and Mater. Kids below 6 years can accompany Lightning McQueen and Mater on their exciting races and adventures around the world with the new LEGO DUPLO Sets.

All LEGO Brand Cars and LEGO DUPLO Brand Cars products are available across all the leading toy stores in India. LEGO Brand product start from Rs. 599 and LEGO DUPLO brand starts from Rs 1399.