What's to love: Spacious classroom and individual chair arrangement enhances the ambience. When lecturers are away, chit-chat sessions begin impromptu. Something triggers a conversation that leads to a chain of topics both related and unrelated to academics, says Dipin Thomas.

“We are enjoying life here being the first batch of students in this two years old college. We get extra attention and care,” says Naval Nazir.

“We enjoy stress-free environment. And, we the first ones to use any and all new facilities in the college,” joins Mohammed Fiyaz.

“We rip apart every issue related to cinema, politics, heroes, heroines, latest fashion and new arrivals in automobiles ,” shares P. Naveen Babu.

“We stick to set rules like – speaking is boy's prerogative and sleeping and eating is girl's,” giggles Krishna M.

Girls spend more time talking about serials and reality shows on Vijay TV. In fact, they are keen on briefing their friends in hostels about story and costumes of the actors.

“It might look silly, but we need these sessions as they are our energizing moments that free us from our hectic routine full of seminars, assignments and paper presentations,” says S.Vinita.

“For paper presentations and seminars, teachers help and guide us in collecting materials and presenting them too,” notes R.Chella Karthik.

“In fact, after attending too many seminars (on an average three in a month), I have gained confidence,” says K.Ahamed Nizarudin.

The college also conducts classes on communication skills.

Boys are more into social networking sites like orkut and facebook to remain connected with their friends. But, a few like Ahamed Nizarudin are more into rupeemail that helps him earn in paisas while M.Anbarasn and his ilk are more into game facilities available in facebook.

Girls are happy confining themselves to emails. Students are happy about the laptops distributed in the college with the latest configuration and costing lesser than the market price. They expect they would wi-fi next year.

What's not to: Students feel celebrations (entertainment-related activities) are few in the college and feel handicapped because of the ban on mobiles.

“Dress code is more important. But it is not a cause of concern. We are ready to be professionals,” says S. Dinesh.

Alternatives: Corridors and library as there are not many trees around the campus.