Turner Asia's Creative Head, Orion Ross, talks about original shows for Indian kid viewers of POGO, the newest being "It's Alive"

He is so upbeat about it that you just don't need to prod him a wee bit. Orion Ross, Turner Asia's Vice President, Creative and Original Content, has a list of points and video clippings of shows ready to talk about the achievements of the channel POGO in presenting original productions to young viewers here. Mumbai-based Ross begins with It's Alive, a brand new show just launched on POGO. "Our anchors, Chinu and Niall do this half-hour comedy weekly where each episode is a motley collection of funny gags. The new show will add a lot more value to the channel." Innovative and colourful sets, funny outfits, visually appealing get-ups, humorous lines, will attract Sunday morning viewers to the show, he feels. Citing this show as an example, Ross talks more about original productions that have been aired on POGO. "In just a short while, we have a lot of locally-produced shows to name. Be it M.A.D, Bam! Bam! Bam! Gir Pade Hum, Prime POGO or POGO Amazing Kids Awards. All these shows have exceeded our expectations from viewers."After completing two years, POGO Amazing Kids Awards will kick off again in July and will choose the winners by December-end. As many as 60 kids will be short-listed for the awards and the nominated ones will fill one episode each. "There will be 10 categories," he says.Besides the host of summer specials already running on the channel, Ross says the most awaited one is definitely the remake of Sesame Street, Galli Galli Sim Sim. "It is our biggest property. We hope to run it from August." Also, by the end of this year, POGO will have quite a few sitcoms, game shows and other fiction shows, he promises. And all are likely to be local productions.SANGEETA BAROOAH PISHAROTY