Employees of SunTec Business Solutions marked World Environment Day with a pledge to do their bit for the earth

Employees of city-based SunTec Business Solutions celebrated World Environment Day with a solemn pledge to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ precious resources of nature. Members of Zero Waste Centre, a group under Thanal, an NGO that has dedicated itself to the cause of conservation, enlightened SunTec employees about the need to promote the process of recycling household discard.


Participating in the worldwide efforts to conserve nature, the IT fraternity of the company learned various economic means to recycle household discard and make useful products from representatives of Thanal. They also held a ‘Zero Waste Expo’ at SunTec’s Technopark and Kuravankonam office premises to explain how applying little thought and creativity could go a long way in putting waste material to better use.

The products on display included stationery, masks, necklaces, files, trays, baskets, cloth and jute bags and show-pieces made of old newspapers, magazines, cloth pieces, coconut husk and tender bamboo shoots.

Sticking to UNEP’s theme for this year’s World Environment Day – ‘Kick the CO2 habit: Towards a low carbon economy’ - SunTec’s Zero Waste Expo was an initiative to promote awareness about the surging amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere amongst its employees. It has been estimated that CO2 contributes about 55 per cent to global warming from Greenhouse gases produced by human activities.

“As responsible denizens of this planet, we are joining the international community in contributing our bit to reduce the carbon footprint in the atmosphere.

“We are grateful to Thanal for making us understand that the only solution to the growing waste menace lies in recycling. It reduces the amount of waste, and in turn, reduces the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. Each of us should consider it as our duty to recycle discarded material to the maximum possible level,” said Nanda Kumar, President and CEO of SunTec.

Zero Waste Centre is known for their efforts to implement Zero Waste concepts including discard recovery and material substitution at Kovalam. They promote sustainable material like paper, jute and cloth in the form of bags, files and other creative products, thus minimising waste.