FOOD Street food in the city has been given a Tibetan touch and foodies are lining up to feast on steaming hot dumplings outside YMCA

Relishing steaming hot momos is perfect for a nippy winter evening or a rainy day but Vizagites don’t seem to mind doing it even in summer. An overcast evening on Beach Road was reason enough for a number of youngsters to throng the parking lot outside YMCA to savour the Tibetan delicacy.

A cart that set up shop a few months back has become quite famous and has added variety to the numerous street food options available in the city. If someone handed you a flyer of a place named ‘Perky and Petite’ you would probably think twice before visiting it but the name hardly matters, as it is better known as the ‘momo cart’ on the beach.

The momos are piping hot with a nice thin covering that just about holds it together and allows you to taste the stuffing. A little thicker and you would only taste the covering. It is served with the typical sauce that goes with it- a spicy tomato sauce heavily flavoured with garlic. Those who are used to dunking their momos into broth that it is sometimes served with it will be disappointed but we must remember that the local palette loves an overdose of chilli.

The cart also claims to serve Arabian food but the other items listed are chicken/vegetarian spring-rolls, sweet corn soup, chilli-chicken, paneer tikka (made on the tawa) and Mongolian rolls. The deep fried spring rolls are obviously a favourite with the regulars and were in demand. The soup was decent for something served on the road. The Mongolian roll was in fact a paratha with egg stuffed with filling similar to that of the spring roll. There is also a paneer version available. Hardly authentic. It is definitely not something that will get them return customers.

Ravi who is the man behind the wok says he had worked in Mumbai for a while where he learnt his skill. Visit the place if you are craving for momos as there are not many other places they are available at. It’s also a nice place to park your car or bike and have a quick snack while enjoying an evening at the beach. It’s pretty cheap with a plate of chicken momos costing Rs. 35. The cart opens at 4 p.m. and closes by 10 p.m.

Jaideep Deo Bhanj