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Chat Tarun Cherian talks about death and beyond in his latest book

Beyond deathTarun Cherian’s book
Beyond deathTarun Cherian’s book

T he Chronicle of Death and Rebirth , by artist Tarun Cherian and Celia Cherian claims to be a journey beyond death. Tarun says, “We often wonder whether death is the end? Are there ghosts and demons out there? Will angels gather us up? Are we reborn? Will be at death’s mercy? Can we escape? Are there worlds beyond? Where does the soul live? If we have to come back, are we just booted out? Or prepared? My book makes an attempt to answer some of these questions.”

A series of out-of-body experiences in the early 1970s, including one where he felt that he was walking behind his own body forced Tarun to research this phenomena. Over the years, he claims to have encountered several cases of rebirths and out-of-body experiences that cannot be explained rationally. “At some of the workshops I conduct, many people are initially sceptical about my claims. However, they soon begin to recount many such episodes.”

Tarun says, “The book began as a travelogue of one of our patients Anu, who experienced life, rebirth and in the course of her journey also stumbled upon many of the secrets that govern life after physical death. She made contact with us after her death and managed to see her soul, also getting a glimpse of all her births; past, present and future. Her story proves that the theory of your deeds governing your next life (karma) may not be true. Though her story is the primary focus, the book includes more than 64 stories, mainly accounts of people who have undergone such experiences.”

The book is priced at Rs. 300 and is available at select bookstores.





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