Homoeo Call Finding the root cause for a frequent urge to pass urine can help solve the problem

The waste in the blood stream is filtered out by the kidneys and released through the ureters or fine tubes into the urinary bladder before it is voided in the form of urine.

This happens about eight times a day in an average individual but under some circumstances the frequency of urination increases. There is an urge to pass urine when the quantity in the bladder reaches to about 150mleven though the bladder can hold up to 600 ml.

The first doubt that any layman would have upon frequent urination is diabetes. That is because the body tends to get rid of the excessive sugar in the system through the urine. Also in those who have been diabetics for long the lining of the urinary bladder cannot retain for long.

One of the commonest reasons for frequent urge for urination is a urinary tract infection. Usually there is a burning sensation during urination but another manifestation of infection is frequent urge more so in a chronic state where the infection seems to recur often. In men the prostate gland tends to get swollen with age and binds over the urethra or the outlet thereby causing retention of urine in the bladder in spite of voiding.

During pregnancy too due to hormonal changes and the stress or pressure on the urinary bladder caused by the abdominal distension; the urge is more frequent.

Certain foods or additives like artificial sweeteners, caffeine and also alcohol stimulate frequent urination . A condition like the overactive bladder syndrome causes a patient to pass urine often as muscular contractions tend to respond more than usual.

When the appropriate reason is identified , homoeopathic medicine help find a remedy . Cantharis, Merc Sol help when it is the urinary infection; Causticum, Plumbum met when diabetes is the cause; Acid Nit and Copaiva when frequent infections are debilitating; Conium, Prostatinum when the prostate gland is enlarged; Sepia, Caulophyllum when the trauma of childbirth causes this problem.



Fistula in ano

I used to develop frequent boils around the rectum for about eight years but now have developed a fistula.


The soft tissues in the gluteal region are loose tissues of fat and the boils over a period of time tend to connect with each other and find its way into the rectum and that in itself forms a source of infection. Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to see that the infection is flushed out and the channel heals over a period of time so that the fistula is not an issue. Consult a Homeopath.