Rao Hospital, CARE Coimbatore, recently held a public forum on “Women's Health – Managing the Milestones.” It was organized in Hotel Residency along with the Rotary Club of Aakruthi. An expert medical panel discussed women's health.

They addressed problems women faced from adolescence to menopause. Topics like vaccination for cervical cancer starting at puberty, life style changes and obesity across all age groups, detection of breast lumps and menopausal management were dealt with.

Health is wealth Regular health check ups for women above 35 aided by blood tests, Pap smears, scans, and mammograms were strongly advocated. Menopausal women, it was said, require empathy from the family, especially when they have their inevitable episodes of mood swings and hot flashes. A live demonstration on how to conduct self examination of the breasts for lumps was also done. Sex education for senior school children including safe sex was advised. There were video clippings too.

Tips to motivate young girls to lose weight were well received. Sample this: A good way to lose weight is to start by losing 5% of your weight. When the motivation sets in, you will strive to reach your target on a war footing! Also, restrict the daily intake of oil to two teaspoons per person. And, exercise and diet control are the mantras for good health!