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CRACKLING DEEPAVALI Fireworks should be handled with care
CRACKLING DEEPAVALI Fireworks should be handled with care

Although crackers are fun to play with, caution should be maintained. Here are a few tips by Dr. Sreejith N. Kumar, a physician, on how to light crackers and enjoy it safely. While fireworks are fun, it is important to ensure that children do not injure themselves or others in the process. According to Dr. Sreejith at least 45 per cent of children under 14 suffer burns and of that 72 per cent are males.

Safety measures

Among fireworks, it is crackers that cause the most damage. Rockets and sparklers come close behind. The eyes and face should be protected while lighting rockets. It is better to wear cottons while playing with sparklers. Light rockets in an open place.Do not leave crackers lying around, especially when there are toddlers in the house.Children should never be left unsupervised while lighting crackers. Try and avoid allowing children to light or handle crackers. Their reflexes are slow and so is their physical coordination. Do not experiment or make crackers at home. Follow the right method of lighting the cracker. If a lit cracker fails to burn, ignore it as it might burst when you approach it. If after lighting a cracker, an injury occurs, follow these stepsIf it is a minor burn, cool the injured area under running water or immerse it in water. Applying a cool compress helps but do not apply ice. Bandage the area with a clean cloth. If it aches, have a Paracetamol. Aspirins should not be taken. If there are signs of infection such as reddening, oozing... seek medical help.For medium burns, do not try to remove the burnt cloth from skin or immerse the burnt area in water. Check signs of circulation and breathing. Administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) if not breathing. Cover the area with a clean, moist, bandage and rush to hospital. LIZA GEORGE




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