Of crafts and textiles at Valluvar Kottam

Fair Trade Fest 2008 organised by the Fair Trade Forum (Southern region) and SIPA (Federation of South India Producer Associations) is on at Valluvar Kottam till March 30.

The festival aims to promote the concept of fair trade and fairly traded products. There are over 150 stalls that display various craft items and textiles from all over the country. The concept of fair trade is increasingly getting recognition as an effective tool for sustainable development.

Interactive workshops on a chosen topic that include ethical trade, responsive consumption, product innovation, etc. are held everyday (till March 28) from 10.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Besides, there are “Action for change programmes” that feature sharing and learning sessions, quiz, slogan, poster and painting competitions for youth, children, SHG representatives and interested consumers.

For details log on to ftfindia@gmail.com or sipa@vsnal.com