Homemakers are making the medical transcription profession their very own and having lots of fun doing it

Welcome to the world of new age women. They are married, have understanding husbands, children whom they care for and a career they are passionate about. Getting their career back on track or looking for a job after being a full-time mother is no longer an impossible task. S. Kavitha, mother of three daughters, now a medical transcriptionist (MT) will tell you how she did it. After matrimony and motherhood and a sabbatical of 14 years, she's now back with a bang. "I aspired to become a doctor but that dream didn't came true. When my children started going to school, I had enough time at my disposal. So, I enrolled for a training module in medical transcription and it has proved to be a turning point in my life. My job of transcribing medical records by doctors gives me the satisfaction of getting close to my dream," she says. Hard work, meeting deadlines and having the drive to go that extra mile is all what you need, say the housewives who have taken up jobs as medical transcriptionists after a long break. It is a process where one accurately and swiftly transcribes medical records dictated by doctors, including history and physical reports, clinic notes, operative reports, consultation notes, discharge summaries, evaluations and laboratory reports."All along, I have never carried a wallet; all my needs were taken care of. Now, apart from economic independence and building confidence, my status as a working woman inspires my children too. The work atmosphere is home-like. I feel like I have got back to my school days where I am making friends with a lot of housewives. In terms of career advancement I have moved on to the second level as junior MT in a matter of six months," Kavitha adds.For many, the work atmosphere in itself is a new experience. Says Janani. R, a BBM graduate, who is now a senior MT: "Working in a group with people from different age groups helps in moulding your overall personality. It also hones your leadership skills." C. Manjunathan, manager of a HR company says that the positive energy pumped into the work atmosphere by the youth, who are more in number, motivates others in a big way. Another advantage is the option to work as a Home Transcriptionist (HT) after a couple of years of experience. "What is required is correct awareness to help them understand the nuances of the job. Individuals should be prepared to take on the stress because quality is at the top," says Surya.K. JESHI