Corner takes on a new meaning at Kafe Fontana

Drenched in the hues of the national flags of soccer playing nations, pepped up with German delicacies and absolutely dizzy with football fever, Kafé Fontana can be your destination-soccer for the whole month. The special football corner with collectables and memorabilia was opened when the ambassador of the host nation, Germany, cut the ribbon. The event was attended by the ambassadors of 32 nations in the race for the Cup. Kafé Fontana, at the Taj Palace Hotel, has arranged a full month's soccer extravaganza with large screens to telecast the World Cup matches live. To add a tangy twist, the cuisine includes luscious German food and drinks.The German Ambassador noted that football fever has gripped India too. "I am delighted to see the love for football here in India, a cricket-frenzied country. And I would appeal to everybody to buck up the underdogs too, Germany," he said, creating a humorous ripple all around. Apart from enjoying the game in the right ambience, soccer fans are in for a treat with special offers like one-plus-one offer, discount on cocktails and menu. Mega prizes like return tickets to Hong Kong and London, a stay at Goa and Tag Heuer wristwatches can add to your football experience. From the screen you might be gently greeted with "Namaste! Kaise Ho?" by Chef Ingo Moeller from Germany, who will make sure you get the best of the menu, "I am not a football freak, but whenever Germany is playing I never miss that match." The delicacies on offer include Celebration Soup with meatballs, juliennes of pancakes, smoked trout with mustard sauce and desserts like Bavarian vanilla pudding, rote grotze with vanilla sauce.The ambassadors enjoyed the evening and planned to cheer their countries in the coming World Cup. "Brazil are the favourites, so the pressure is on them. Maybe this time they slump under it. We can play our natural game," hopes Joaquin Marques, Ambassador of Portugal. "We will give Brazil tough competition," says the German Ambassador. Saleh Mohd Al-Ghamdi, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia, says "Our team has been in the World Cup for the fourth time now. I will buck up my team from here."