Tales of cakes, bakes and puddings making you fat? Food blogs triggering cravings for wicked food? This blog inspires you to run, bike, lift weights — and then eat.

Lisa calls herself an “Aussie gal who loves all things healthy living, food and fitness”.

“I was always an active child... I was working to pay my way through university, making poor food choices, and ‘fitness' had all but disappeared from my life...

After I finished university and started a full time job, I met Mr. BBB. Suddenly my life was not just about me, but about this wonderful man I had been lucky enough to meet. Around this time I realised I had a choice to make. I could stay an unhappy party girl, or I could grow up... I have now completed two half marathons, and various other bike races and triathlons. I also completed a Half Ironman in December 2010...

I have also developed a wonderful passion for food and healthy cooking

Browse through the site to learn how to make Cranberry-coconut granola, “Not for the hips” polenta chips, Meat-less Mozarella Meatballs, Polenta pancakes and Zucchini Curry.

And yes, you'll always have room for dessert: Apple Butter Baked Cheesecake, Fig Jam Tart, and Pine-coco parfait.