“W hat do you get when a potato and beetroot have a one-night stand? A purple potato, of course! The U.K.'s first-ever fully inside and out purple potato, called Purple Majesty, landed on the shelves of Sainsbury's and the media had a field day. Unlike purple sprouting broccoli this purple potato retains its colour when cooked.”

Purple potatoes aren't the only thing unusual about this blog. “Welcome! My name is Michelle... I'm a South African who fell in love with an Englishman and moved to the U.K. in 2004. Ah, love! Unfortunately, here in Essex good restaurants are few and far between and I had no choice but to put on my apron and get stuck in. I cook every single day. Sometimes once, twice or even the whole day. In fact, I cook with such reckless abandon that a lot of the time my kitchen looks like a bombsite. The only part that is missing is the yellow, sticky tape saying “Danger — Do Not Enter”. One of my favourite pastimes is paging through cookbooks and drooling over food porn. Even though I'm confident in my cooking skills the more I read the more I realise how little I know. Why not join me on my journey of discovery regarding all things edible?”

So why follow the Greedy Gourmet? “Have you ever reached satiety but carried on eating anyway because the food tasted so good? What about hiding dinner leftovers in a “secret corner” in the fridge, hoping no one else in the house will notice, and having a little midnight feast before anyone discovers your booty? Do you return to the same restaurant and order the same menu item over and over again? Wouldn't you rather know how to prepare it yourself? This blog is the Greedy Gourmet‘s quest to finding new scintillating recipes containing the “oomph” factor.”