H appy new year. Same old resolutions? Fewer tequila shots, more time at the gym and healthier food? Well, we can help you with at least one of those categories. Here's how you can eat more soup: Follow the Soup Chick.

“My name is Lydia Walshin. In my log house kitchen in northwest Rhode

Island, I write about food, teach cooking classes, and run a non-profit organisation. If I could, I'd eat soup, grapes, Chinese noodles, and chocolate ice cream every day. This blog is just about the soup.”

Categories she's discussed include budget-friendly soups. Quick and easy soups and the tools of the soup-makers trade (slow cookers, perforated ladles, immersion blenders.) There are plenty of recipes for hot and cold soups. She even has a collection of recipes for dessert soup and fruit soups.

A cantaloupe and yogurt soup with ginger, lime and mint — for example —

is perfect for a picnic in the sunshine.

“When it's too hot to cook, I make soup. Not with a pot on the stove — with a blender on the counter top. Melon soups are always refreshing, and they're especially delicious when the melon is just on the edge of overripe, too mushy to use for fruit salad but at the peak of flavour. Try this soup with any of the variety of yellow, orange or green flesh melons available in the market. This soup makes a great first course or dessert, and would be delicious as part of a weekend brunch.

Still not convinced? How about some chocolate soup?

“Yes! It's every kid's dream, but this is definitely a soup for adults, too. Served with or without a big plop of whipped cream on top, this smooth-as-velvet soup makes the perfect ending to almost any meal. It's like a cup of rich hot cocoa in a bowl, so a little is all you need. And you can make it in advance; it's just as good chilled.”