What happens when you give up carbs — and then hanker for crackers and cheese? Try some Rosemary & Sea Salt Flax Crackers.

“I love cheese. All kinds of cheese. Soft cheese, hard cheese, stinky cheese, moldy cheese — I love it all! Which is great for me because I'm doing this low carb thing. You know what isn't great?

There aren't a lot of (any?) low carb cracker options available, and cheese without crackers is just tragic and lonely. It's like Batman without Robin... Sonny without Cher... Abbot without Costello... Justin Bieber without Selena Gomez... (too much? yeah...sorry.)

Anyway, a cheese plate without crackers just doesn't work. Gotta have the crunch to offset the rich creaminess — am I right or am I right??

Since I just went to Costco and bought gargantuan quantities of all kinds of yummy cheeses I needed to make a cracker to eat them with. Necessity being the mother of invention etc, etc. These crackers start with the same basic recipe as the pizza crust and burger buns.

I added chopped rosemary to the dough and sprinkled the crackers with sea salt (kosher works if you don't have any) before baking and they make a perfect crispy cracker with a nice rosemary flavor. I ate a bunch right out of the oven with nothing on them because they are just plain tasty. You could flavor these with other herbs or even caraway seeds if you wanted a rye flavor. They were awesome with cheese but you can also use them for dips which I did today (more on that in a later post!) and they worked perfectly. My search for a low carb cracker is over. I hope you like them too!”