The things you can do with some bread and a little honey! Alicia Lynn Carrier, 25-year-old mom, freelance photographer and self-confessed nerd is a bit of a honey nut. Hence, this blog. And the fact that her most colourful posts are simply laden with the good stuff. Sure she does the trademark beautiful blog recipes. But what makes bread and honey so endearing is her incredible enthusiasm for the simple things.

Like when she bought a pint of fresh figs and small tub of fresh mozzarella and then headed home for her afternoon snack: “figs cut open, stuffed with cheese, and drizzled with delicious local wildflower honey. Sound good to you? It sure was.”

Sometimes, the best things in life have impact simply because they’re simple. Backyard honey for instance. “My buddy called me up this morning to invite me over for a play date with our kids; and to hand off some of this amazing honey he received as a thank-you from his elderly neighbours after shovelling their walk during the snow storm. The neighbours are backyard beekeepers... So, I made it home with a large baby food jar of honey...” What does she end up doing with it? Fancy honey-drizzled cakes? Delicate three-tiered puddings? Fancy fudgy cookies? Not really. She drizzles it on whole wheat toast. And, of course, it’s fantastic.